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The rapid expansion of Trade in Services provides a major opportunity for the developing countries including Myanmar. Services have a dual role in the Myanmar's economy. First, an efficient services market is essential to enhance a country's competitiveness by supporting other export sectors. For Myanmar, services are a vital factor in other exports, such as manufacturing (e.g., garments and electronics), agriculture and fisheries. Second, services trade can help the country to overcome supply-side constraints such as limited access to finance, lengthy and costly transport, and weak digital connectivity.

The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar through the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has received a grant as part of its participation in the Enhanced Integrated Framework, to lead the implementation of the Myanmar - Services Trade Enhancement Project (M-STEP). The overall project responsibility lies with the Department of Trade (DoT), Ministry of Commerce.

The M-STEP project seeks to achieve:
(1) increased export of services and employment opportunities facilitated by conducive and business-oriented regulations;
(2) identification of key barriers;
(3) better trade in services negotiations outcomes.

With the view to achieve the above objectives, Ministry of Commerce (MoC) is implementing the component - Myanmar Services Trade and Investment Portal (MSTIP) on services enhancement in Myanmar, with a focus on digital innovation and e-commerce.

MSTIP is aiming to:

  • Develop a dialogue platform between the stakeholders through the trade portal in coordination with the MoC;
  • Build up database of collected laws, regulations, procedures and administrative forms, international and regional agreements including its annexes;
  • Group the services and investment sectors basing on UN/ ASEAN CPC and ISIC;
  • Updating the information in sustainable manner and maintain the portal;