Measures relating to the Amendment Announcement of the List of Commodity Groups for the Wholesale/Retail Distribution News Letter No. (19/2020)

National Treatment
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With the view to fulfill the demand and market requirements while distributing in the local market, the allowed commodity groups are amended by adding with raw material for foodstuff, raw materials for animal, commodities for industrial use and industrial raw materials, spare parts for motor vehicles and heavy machinery and related goods as priority commodity groups.

MODE 3 National Treatment
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Therefore, the list of priority commodity groups for Wholesale/Retail distribution carried out by the Foreign Company, Joint Venture Company formed with Myanmar Citizens and Foreigners is announced as per attachment.

MODE 3 National Treatment
3 Note

(1) The priority shall be given to the value added locally produced commodities while distributing above list of commodity group under the registration of Wholesale/Retail distribution. 

(2) The importation of each and every commodity shall be carried out in accordance with the existing laws, rules, regulations and procedures issued by the respective ministries. 

(3) To be in line with the requirements of the Nation, the priority list of commodity groups shall be amended.

MODE 3 National Treatment