Measures relating to The Minimum Wage Rules

Domestic Regulations
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The employer:

(a) must raise the level of professional skills of the workers and increase the salary according to the skills to increase the productivity of the business;

(b) shall prepare the minimum wage schedule and document markers in accordance with the list of workers under section 13 (b) of the Law, Workshops Act (1951) and  shall be done in accordance with the Leave and Holidays Act (1951);

(c) when the worker is unable to work due to work-related injuries:

(I) the fund has been contributed to the Health and Social Welfare Fund, health and social care insurance under the Social Security Act 2012;  

(2) If the worker is not covered by the Social Security Act 2012 , shall be allowed in accordance with the Leave and Holidays Act 1951;

(d) without deduction from the wages owed by the worker in the case of the family or parents of the worker. This shall be done in accordance with the Leave and Holidays Act 1951;

(e) If the wages received by the workers are less than the stipulations before the National Committee sets the minimum wage under this Law, it shall be paid until the stipulations are met.

(f) An employee who works part-time must be paid the minimum wage for working hours.

(g) One day off per week shall be allowed for the salaried worker. If the worker need to work on that day, the employer must pay overtime in accordance with the existing law.

(h) if the worker has to work less than the prescribed working hours, if doing so is not at the will of the worker, if the employer is unable to provide employment and ask to take work off, the employer must pay as full time working;

(i) the prescribed minimum wage shall be paid without discrimination in gender;

(j) The benefits shall be paid in accordance with the terms and conditions of the workers in terms of special benefits but liable to pay the minimum wage in cash. According to the wishes of the majority of workers by collective agreement or in cash, half the cash and the local price, it can be given according to local custom.

(k) Overtime may be arranged in consultation with the workers in accordance with the Law.

(l) In the factory or workshop, if it is necessary before the probationary period to train a worker who has not yet been able to meet the required skill or production standard set by the Department of Labor, the relevant factory, workshop employers have required to pay not less than 50% of the minimum wage within three months. Salary must be paid at least 75% of the minimum wage during the trial period.

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